The Epic Battle of Man Versus “their Machine”

Using the AI in “your Machine” to create the Relevance Advantage . . .

Much has been written about how the Internet has replaced the Sales Rep as the broker of information . . . that the buyer is 70% through their “buyer’s journey” before they will speak with anyone.

Before they will take the first call, the prospect has “worn out” Google (“their Machine”) finding all the products that might solve their problem.  Reps should assume that the prospect knows the competing products better than you do but if they take your call, then your company made the cut.

All true . . .

Since on average only one in eight prospects will answer your phone call, reps can’t prepare as they would if they knew they would be speaking to the prospect. So how can sales reps be sure they monetize the few and precious opportunities to talk to a prospect, especially not knowing which one on their call list will answer?

SalesTalk’s AI Generated TalkTraks™ uses the AI in your Machine (everything known about the prospect from your CRM and other data sources like ZoomInfo) to create and maintain a RELEVANT conversation with the prospect throughout the dialogue.

SalesTalk’s What2Say™ will generate a personalized Opening Statement based on prospect persona as well as a dynamic Call Guide of what should be discussed next:

  • In the sequence you should discuss relevant points
  • Based upon what is learned from the prospect.

Our Story-So-Far chronicles every interaction with a prospect, tracking the actual time and sequence that the prospect spent discussing different topics on the call, as well as the time spent looking at your videos or emails sent. 

Isn’t the actual time a prospect spent discussing a topic the best measure of their interest? Isn’t time spent the ultimate measure of Relevance?    I think most would agree that the only way to keep a prospect on the phone, is to stay relevant to their needs and engage their interest.

Can you see how using the AI in “your Machine” creates the Relevance Advantage over the Google research your prospect has done before they take your call?

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