The Process You Need to Not Lose Good Prospects

Install the right process so your representatives don’t give up on good prospects just because they are hard to reach. 

Cadence products will give you the tracking to assure that your reps are following the recommended cadence, but they are not as effective as making it easy for your reps to reach the prospects in their pipeline. 

At SalesTalk, we use the features in ConnectAndSell to improve the contact rates by 10 times with less effort.  Take this for example: we did a calling campaign recently where our average time between actual connections with our targeted leads was only 3 ½ minutes.  Our reps used this 3 ½ minute delay effectively as opposed to having to manually dial and try to get through all the voicemail.

Are your qualified prospects at their desks and available to take your call more after you qualified them than when you were trying to reach them for the first time?  This may explain why all the studies show that sales reps give up too soon –  usually only after three attempts to reach the prospect. 

ConnectAndSell may be more valuable for following up on your pipeline than making the initial calls.  Since it is so simple to do the proper number of follow up calls, i.e. follow the Best Practice Cadence, you will solve the perennial problem of premature lead abandonment.