“We have the tools, we have the talent!” – Winston Zeddemore

My family and I recently saw the newest Ghostbuster sequel, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”. The original “Ghostbusters” was my son’s favorite movie growing up, and he wanted the whole family to watch the new one together for his birthday. It was well done and entertaining, but nothing can compare to the original.

One of my favorite lines from the original comes from Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson) at the end of the film after they had vanquished the ghosts; “We have the tools, we have the talent!”. It was a great line in the movie, and it reminded me of the two most important things a Sales Leader must have to be consistently successful – tools and talent.

Recruiting, coaching, mentoring, and retaining top sales talent is an on-going priority for all of us; we must always prioritize our efforts towards ensuring that the sellers on our team are working at their best levels, and if not, taking the necessary steps to make them better or move them out of the organization. With the recent Great Resignation having taken place, many Sales Leaders are scrambling to either replace sellers who have left or are looking for additional sales talent to expand their teams for next year.

In today’s new Work from Anywhere (WFA) environment, having the right tools at your disposal to effectively manage remote teams is more critical than ever. No sales team has exactly the same level of experience, talent, or time with the company. In virtually every case, the Sales Leader must be able to bring new (or early career) sellers up to speed quickly, continue to manage and mentor existing team members, and keep the most senior (and productive) sellers engaged and working to their full potential. Not an easy task!

Having the right tool(s) to enable Leaders to scale seamlessly and uniquely to each seller’s ability and skill set is imperative. What tools do you use today to help with this daunting challenge? How valuable would it be to have a solution that would enable you to take immediate action on any recorded interactions with a seller and their prospect/customer – either video or voice recording – and provide specific coaching recommendations to him/her based on the specific situation, their skillset, experience, and expected outcome?  How helpful would it be to be able to easily see every previous interaction with the prospect, to the level of detail you want, in order to give you the full context of each prospect’s journey so far in order to give the best possible advice for the most appropriate next step(s)? Or how about the ability to compare how and what your top performers focus on during their calls, and share those results with the rest of the team to establish best practices?  Finally, how much easier would your life be if all the key points of every call were captured and automatically updated into the CRM, giving you the most comprehensive and up to date status of every opportunity – without having to hound your team for updates?

All the above are vital to being able to manage your teams remotely. As a Sales Leader for almost 2 decades, I know firsthand how important each of the tools mentioned are to my business and is the reason why I work for SalesTalk. We provide a solution that addresses all these challenges and more.