What If You Never Had to Update Your CRM Again?

Would you walk home from the store carrying all your groceries when a digital Uber is offering you a free ride?

I founded the first CRM company (CRM Magazine honored me as the “Father of CRM”), so I can speak about ‘My Baby” with a sense of perspective. “Dad” says: it’s time for CRM to quit demanding so much time – reps need to get on to their next call! 

Many Sales Reps see CRM as something that is done “to” them, not “for” them. As a result, the information entered in the CRM is usually vague, incomplete, and not always current.

But now there is an easy way for the CRM to get automatically updated – even during a sales call – and always be 100% accurate

. . . a way to update all key metrics like Deal Status, Probability to Close, Next Steps, and even Send “look at this deal” notes to the Sales Managers automatically.

Our Talk Traks™ are AI generated for each sales call to guide the rep on what should be covered during the call. The Talk Traks include not only suggested Talking Points based on each prospect’s unique persona, but also single click annotations that capture all the data needed in the CRM – as they happen. This allows the rep to focus on the conversation with the prospect, not taking notes for data input. Most importantly, everything captured during the call is automatically updated in the CRM, saving valuable selling time for each rep.

How valuable would it be for your sellers to save 90% of the time they currently spend updating their CRM – while giving you more accurate data at your fingertips?

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