What Makes a Great Sales Team?

Building a business, one that maintains a tendency of growth over time, requires a great sales team. A sales team that is motivated, engaged, and energetic will help nurture the relationships you need in order to bring on the right clients for your business. It may seem like a simple ingredient to your business model, but what makes a great sales team? How can possessing these traits put your business in a better spot to succeed?

What makes a great sales team?

It’s great to have a product that consumers want, or even need to have. But what good does that product do for you and your clients if you don’t have the right people in place to sell that product? Without a sales team, you’ll have trouble getting your product out there to potential clients. And without an effective sales team, filled with the right people and personalities, you won’t be successful in selling that product. It’s important to look for certain personality traits when filling out your sales team.

A great sales team: holds themselves accountable

While being a part of a team, some sense of autonomy should be given to each individual member. Giving your team the responsibility for tracking their numbers and reporting summaries of these statistics, establishes this independence. They will be able to directly see the goals they are reaching or not reaching, ideally giving them more push to improve when needed. As the manager or owner of the business, you should be holding those individuals accountable for not achieving the goals they are given.  

Each member of your team should have the understanding that they are accountable for the success or failure of their individual efforts. Being humble and taking pride in what they do will go a long way in making them a valuable member of your sales team. When going through the hiring process, you should try and gauge how each candidate handles themselves when presented with some adversity. Ask them how they may have handled these difficult instances in the past and how hungry they seem to learn from their own mistakes or limits.

A great sales team: has a hunger for learning

This accountability and tendency to learn from their mistakes comes into play with this next trait. Each individual member of the team should not only be willing to but they should be hungry to learn more. Being hungry to learn means that your team will constantly be exploring your clients’ issues or needs. They should become immersed in the sales process in order to understand what it takes to sell your product.

Specifically, your team members should be role-playing sales calls and interactions with clients to prepare. They should also be continuously learning about the product they’re selling, knowing the ins and outs of what makes your product great. Also, being in touch with the latest sales resources and information is a must for a great sales team.

what makes a great sales team

A great sales team: has natural charisma

If you want your product to sell, your team needs to have a sense of energy and enthusiasm. Nobody will get excited about buying your product if the people selling to them are not excited to present the sale. Having that natural charisma in their pitch to clients will give the individual team member a much better chance at landing a deal.

A sales team without charisma, energy, and positivity comes across as fake to customers. Why would a customer want to buy a product from someone who doesn’t seem excited about it themselves? Your team needs to radiate energy, and hiring the people that possess this characteristic will create a necessary foundation for successful sales.

A great sales team: is invested in their customers

Completing a sale or a deal should not mean the end of interactions with your clients. In order to maintain the success and growth of your business, your sales team needs to maintain that relationship with your clients. Your team should be invested in their customers, creating that relationship with them and being in frequent contact. This allows your team to be in tune with what the customer wants and needs from your business.

Building that relationship creates a rapport with your customer base. Having a good relationship with your sales team will bring customers back to your business. If you have a sales team that doesn’t invest the time in keeping tabs on customers, those customers will look elsewhere to fill their needs.  

A great sales team: is always prepared

Being prepared in sales means that time isn’t being wasted. Your customers want to fill their needs now, not some time in the future. They will be looking for a business that is prepared to answer their questions and move quickly. A great sales team will put in the legwork to remain prepared at all stages of the selling process. They will manage their time properly, prioritizing what needs to be done correctly to be effective in helping customers through the buyer’s journey. They will always be looking for ways to streamline the process.

A great sales team: has sales enablement technology on their side

Part of having a great sales team is putting the tools in place to make sure all of these characteristics are being put into play correctly and efficiently. SalesTalk Technologies provides your business and your sales team with access to these tools, giving the information and content to allow your team to hit the ground running when selling your product. Head over to request a demo of our product so you can put your team in a better position to succeed.

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