Two Reasons To Record Calls…And One Not To

Recording calls can be imperative to the success of your business and communication with your sales prospects. But when is recording valuable, and when are you wasting your time? Read below to find out.

​1.   To Coach –  listen to the calls of new reps to offer suggestions for improvement.

2.   To Learn – from (select the calls where the deal was closed – or where a selected competitor was discussed.

We add the recorded calls from your current system to our Sales Interaction Chronicle (our Story So Far),  and can even economically provide you transcriptions of the call if desired.  

But don’t record your calls if you don’t have a Call Mapping feature so you can listen to only what is relevant.

Recording calls with an effective Call Map will enable you to review just the Relevant calls . . . . and just the Relevant discussions within the calls.

Recording calls without Call Mapping is like joining a Gym in January as your New Year’s resolution.  Joining the gym will not get you to the gym to get the results you had hoped for. ConnectandSell’s call recording feature combined with the Call Mapping and Relevant Call tracking in SalesTalk is like having a personal trainer who will meet you at the gym three times a week for the first three months after you join.