Selling Smart with Sales Enablement Tools

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses and sales teams to utilize the power of sales enablement tools. The way consumer buying power has increased and with the amount of competition there is out there on the market, the sales process has had to become more complex and involved in order to appease the customer with relevancy. Sales enablement tools give sales teams the ability to conveniently maintain relevance with each and every sales interaction. Keep the customer’s attention and start selling smart with sales enablement tools.

What are sales enablement tools and how can they help?

Putting it simply, sales enablement tools help salespeople sell more effectively and more confidently. These tools give sales teams the content that they need in order to stay relevant in every single sales interaction. This can come in several different forms, depending on that specific interaction and which step in the sales pipeline that prospect is currently on. Each tool provides content that is easy to consume for the sales rep using it. This way, that rep is able to come off as confident when selling to a prospect. 

sales enablement tools

Prospective customers want to get clear answers to their questions about a product they are interested in. If your sales team isn’t able to provide clear, confident answers each and every time, that prospect will probably look elsewhere for services. Sales enablement tools are used to circumvent that and provide your team with what they need when they need it.

Sales enablement tools examples in action

As we mentioned above, there are a variety of different sales enablement tools to increase lead conversions. Here are a few examples of sales enablement tools and how they can help your sales team improve.

  • Sales Scripts

If you took an honest poll of sales reps and their preparedness for sales calls, chances are the majority of them would say they aren’t fully equipped to go into a sales interaction. Sales scripts allow you to lay out the talking points for sales interactions so that you can ensure that each rep has the necessary information to bring to the table during a call. 

  • Email Templates

Too many sales teams use generic, unpersonalized emails to follow up with clients. In order to stand out from the pack, creating personalized templates that your team can use to follow up with prospects after a sales call will go a long way in keeping you at the forefront of their mind. Sales enablement tools can allow you to create an efficient process for this, having the information discussed during the sales interaction ready to go for you to include in these follow up emails.

  • Live Coaching Tools

As part of our suite of sales enablement tools, we at SalesTalk Technologies offer the Coaching4U™ module. This tool allows you to coach your sales reps in real-time, during sales interactions. You won’t have to worry about being too intrusive with the sales process either, as this tool gives you the ability to coach your reps while still staying in the background as much as possible. Coaching tools are a huge factor in keeping your sales team strong and confident in their sales efforts.

Sales Intelligence

We touched on this previously, but your sales reps need to come across as really knowing the product they are selling. You wouldn’t buy from someone who wasn’t able to answer the questions you have about a product, so why would your prospects be any different? 

sales teams

Each sales rep needs a broad knowledge base about your product and the talking points that they should be hitting with each individual sales interaction. The reality is, this can be a lot of information for a sales rep to remember. This is where sales enablement tools can really shine. Providing easily consumable content that highlights these talking points as well as the ability for you or a sales manager to coach a rep through difficult questions in real time will make your team more knowledgeable through each interaction.

Sales Analytics

Tracking the data of each sales interaction is important, you’ll need that information in order to develop effective sales strategies in the future. It also allows your reps access to vital details into what are proving to be successful sales interactions and which aren’t working as well. Being able to reference this data empowers your team as well as yourself as the sales leader. Just as you want your sales reps to remain confident in their interactions, you need to be confident in the strategies you are developing for your team. Without proper data and analytics, you’ll have a more difficult time accomplishing this.

Sales reps are inherently competitive. Seeing what their colleagues are doing to outperform them will only serve to fuel that competition and make them want to get better. They are more likely to borrow ideas and strategies from peers than anyone else, so having a peer’s sales analytics for them to reference will keep everyone on the same page of what is working.

Lead Generation

One way sales enablement tools really shine is in lead generation. This is perhaps the most important part of the sales process. You can’t sell to people that aren’t there, so you need an effective way of generating leads and bringing in the most prospective customers you can. It’s simple: the more leads you generate, the more chances you have to land a new customer. 

Sales enablement tools allow you to generate contextual content that will bring in the type of leads that are valuable to your business. It allows your team to be more organized in the way each lead is categorized and how they move along through the sales pipeline. Remaining organized is key to being effective with your sales interactions. You don’t want to provide old information to a lead who is in a different stage of the buyer’s journey. Sales enablement tools can keep this information relevant.

sales enablement tools

The data you collect through your sales enablement tools will also be important in the process of lead generation. Fall back on what the data shows as effective strategies when generating leads. Your tools will make it easy to see which strategies these are and can give you a more efficient process in determining this.

SalesTalk Sales Enablement Tools

At SalesTalk Technologies, we offer our clients a suite of sales enablement tools that will help with every aspect of the sales process. Our easy to use, effective modules will give you insight into what is working in your sales interactions and what isn’t. If your sales team finds that they aren’t equipped with the content they need to succeed, or if you as a sales manager are looking for ways to better coach your team to more conversions, SalesTalk can provide a solution. Get in touch with our team to request a demo of our modules, and start converting more leads.

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