The Sales Manager’s Relevance Lens to Recorded Calls . . .

The Who, Why, and How of selecting key conversations and the Relevant parts of each to listen to.

The Math Problem:  if the average sales manager has 8 direct reports and the average rep records 25 hours of conversations per week, the manager is looking at 200 hours of recorded phone calls – per week.  Today, mangers often listen to sample calls blindly. On average, less than 1% of recorded calls are reviewed by Sales Managers because they don’t find it to be a productive use of their time.


Because they don’t have a Relevance Lens to focus their listening.  

Typically, Sales Managers focus just on calls about deals that are forecasted to close – which gives them good “peace of mind”. But what about all the other deals?

Sales Managers can make a bigger impact on revenues if they ONLY LISTEN TO: 

Selected minutes of calls that are qualified to close but not forecasted (based upon the info in the CRM), and

Where the Sales Manager can positively influence the outcome

Here’s the solution to the proposed math problem:

CRM reports will list the potential upside deals to monitor.

SalesTalk’s Interaction Insights will give Managers a concise overview of all calls pertaining to those opportunities, including: all instances of recorded calls, the number of times key topics were discussed, the last time a deal topic (Talking Point) was discussed, and the total time spent on each topic – for every call. 

The Story-So-Far gives the Sales Manager a clear, simple, and comprehensive view of everything that has been sent to, read by, said to, or said by the prospect.  The Story-So-Far is really a visual Call Map of recorded calls, allowing Managers to quickly see and focus on just the parts of the call that are most important to them. 

Sales Managers can simply click on the link to the recorded call shown in the Story-So-Far to start listening to the call – and use the “Begins” Time of each topic to go straight to the parts of recorded call that matter.

After listening to the key parts of the call, Sales Managers can quickly and easily make suggestions to their Sales Reps by simply clicking on the MundayMorning™ Deal Review. All suggestions and notes given by the Manager appear right in the Story-So-Far for immediate follow up by the Rep. 

Let us show you how SalesTalk can fully leverage your current technology stack to drive incremental revenue for your sales team.

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